Monday, April 21, 2008

the why of strawberries

Why strawberries...

Strawberries are a delicious nutritious treat, but they tend to bring out this side of myself that I don't like very much. That hoarding, large portion, I must eat them all right now, part. I don't need to be that way anymore because my main Strawberry Eating Competitor(my daughter Angela) is now on her own. Yet, I still found the biggest juiciest vine ripened one in the bunch and devoured it in my car before pulling away from the roadside stand. I know there is nothing unusual about nibbling on your fruit before you even get it home to be washed, but for me it's the satisfaction that I just consumed the First and Best One in the bunch, ha ha!

This year with my daughter gone strawberries suddenly became...well...I guess, just strawberries. And to be honest, I didn't get that surge of satisfaction that usually accompanies the eating of that first strawberry of the year. I actually found them to be rather ordinary and they left teeny tiny little seeds between my teeth. A huge mound of them is now taking up a lot of space in my refrigerator and I fear that most of them will probably rot before I can even consume them. Yes, the power of the strawberry has been reduced to the excitement of a loaf of bread.

I am going to visit my daughter this week and planned to stop by our favorite strawberry stand on my way out. "Oh, she'll be so extremely thrilled when she sees them!" I thought. "I will hand her the most beautiful flat of the biggest beautiful strawberries I can find, listen to her joyful squeals and the clapping of her hands." I was beginning to feel the smallest return of their allure, when the phone rang...

"Hello?" I said, answering the phone.
"Hi honey, it's me" said my husband.
"So, have you left for the city(S.F.) to have dinner with our daughter?" I asked.
"Yes" he replied, "I just left the Strawberry Stand and I'm on my way now."
"What?!'re bringing her strawberries?!" I sputtered. "But you don't even EAT strawberries!" I whined
"What does that have to do with anything?" he asked very confused.
I sighed, "Oh...nothing."

So, I guess strawberries are going to have to be exciting all by themselves, no more competitions and no race to eat the most. I have to come up with a new ritual that involves plucking the BEST of the bunch so, all hail to the strawberry that I think is the best, of the rest, of the berries, that is. Next time, I'll buy some Champagne with my 1/2flat.


Blogger Shaz said...

That is sweet and sad all at the same time. I can relate to this oh so well not with strawberries but I can relate just the same. xxx

6:28 PM  
Blogger sweet expressions said...

great post!. Strawberry season is among us. don't worry I am sure when your with your daughter you will have some of the fun with the strawberries!!!
find other things that you may like
make a pie, a smoothie or something


1:22 PM  
Anonymous poet said...

bitter sweet berry story, darlene. at least you have the memories of what strawberries meant one time. i hope you have a great visit just the same.
HUGZ< poet.

2:27 PM  
Blogger baby~amore' said...

very sweet ... I love strawberries too.I long for day the chocolate piles up in the fridge

7:41 PM  
Blogger baby~amore' said...

ps I really adore the frames around your pictures - did you design them or are they a blogger hack / tip ?

Beautiful ♥

My Little Drummer boys

7:43 PM  
Blogger LEstes65 said...

Last Sunday, I had a huge bag of fully washed, cored and halved strawberries ready to bring to church for food service. I totally forgot to bring it. So my happy accident has allowed me to put huge heapings of stawberries on everything I've eaten this week.

They make me think of you because of your post of anticipation last year. This year, I'm sorry they've lost their pow factor. But I will always think of you each week as I prep them for church and eat a big ol' handful before closing the bag!

9:46 AM  

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