Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Father's Dresser

The Things He Chose

I just got back from a rather spontaneous 3 day trip to visit my parents. They live only one hour away from me, but I like to stay over night and spend real quality time with them. No pre-made schedule while I'm there, just doing as we please and going places together. We did a lot of laughing, as we all share a dorky sense of humor, the kind that evolves from growing up together and intertwines loads of inside jokes. Basically we laugh about things that no one else would understand and this is family love on a very special level, one I have grown to appreciate more and more. I soaked everything in, her as my mother and friend, him as my father and buddy, together as my parents, confidants, advisers, and the elders that I honor like none other.

Late one night, after we all had said our good nights, I sat in my father's bed and stared at his dresser directly before me. I really looked at the items that he had chose to adorn this kind of special alter. I cried silently to myself as I pondered each treasure and the meanings behind their place of honor...

The saying on this plaque could be his hearts desire as the role he played in all three of his daughters lives. Daddy, you are our roots and you did give each one of us our wings ~ Thank You

A picture of him getting a tattoo representing his service to this country as a Marine. My sister Denise comprised a poem to honor him and the time that he unselfishly gave for all people, but most of all, his family. I am so proud to say that my father was a Marine ~ Thank You

Denise's wedding day, his baby girl being given away to the care of another man. No easy task for a parent to do with the child you almost lost to death in the first year of her life. We all cherish her in our own special way because almost loosing her effected us all. But daddy, you look so proud and happy, we all knew that she had found the perfect man to love her all the days of her life ~ Thank You C

Here you are with your first born grandson right before his accident. Both of you look strong and proud, unaware that just a few days later Mark would be struggling to hang onto life and you daddy, would be reaching down into your very core to look for hope and faith. You and mom were pillars of strength for me, my body was weak, but my spirit was able to battle the death that tried to take my son. Mark felt your love for him and he will be forever changed because of it ~ Thank You

The perfect 'poster' picture of your 3 daughters 80's hair styles. We all secretly got together and had this picture taken for you and mom as an anniversary present. I think this picture has also graced your desk at work and I know that we girls are the thing that you are the most proud of, in all your life's accomplishments. We too are proud to be called Lou's daughters ~ Thank You

The bride you chose, the mother of your children and the great love of your life. She is your jewel, a woman you would die for and can't live without. You made the best choice daddy and we all love her and understand why you were smitten by her, as we have all been smitten too. You chose her ~ Thank You

And last, but not least, a memorial to your own father. He unexpectedly died that day, on your boat, while preparing to go fishing with you. He left way too soon and I know that you still have his sack lunch, made for that day, in your freezer. Something too difficult for you to throw away. I understand and so does he. He also knows that you love him and miss him. He is proud of the father that you have become and even admires the love that you share with us. Something that he found very difficult to express and would have done differently, if he could...more like you have daddy. It is he who wishes to be more like you ~ Thank You

And so, I turned off the light, lay down into my father's bed and contemplated all of these treasures that I knew meant so much to him. I felt so much love for my own family, my husband and children, my mother and sisters, but most of all, for you daddy. For the choices that you made and the love that you have shared with me...

Thank you daddy....thank you


Blogger Mary Timme said...

You move me as almost no one else can. I felt the same way about my father! He is still my hero! He's been gone for many years (since 1978) and my DH and I still miss him. He was my Dad and DH's friend. He was the world in a heavenly way!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Loretta said...

What a lovely, poignant post. My Dad passed away in 1990 and after he died, my mother and I were looking through his top drawer, where he kept his "stuff". Though 13 years had passed, he still had a thank you note I had typed to him when they gave me a typewriter for my college graduation. I miss him everyday and I really enjoyed reading of another daughter's love for her father.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Boho Girl said...


i couldn't have said any of this better. we are so lucky to have daddy, aren't we?

thank you for this.

i love my family so much.


i love how he is so thoughtful about what he puts on his altar.

wish i could have been there with you guys...

miss you
love you
sister squeeze butt


11:21 PM  
Blogger Shaz said...

So Beautiful Im at a loss for words. xx

2:35 AM  
Blogger dreamergirl said...

These beautiful words, take mine away. I donĀ“t know what to write...

Have a great weekend! xOx silvia

4:01 AM  
Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...


5:53 AM  
Blogger Jack K. said...

Great posting. You are a very special person. Unfortunately, not everyone has such clear visions as you.

Thanks for sharing the love.

10:35 AM  
Blogger LEstes65 said...

Gah! I have to go blow my nose now. I was getting misty until I read the part about Mark's picture. The floodgates opened! Beautiful beautiful post. And what a special guy your dad is. I see where some of your amazing-osity comes from.

Love you...Lynette

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

We enjoyed your company as well.
You made us laugh with you and also at ourselves.
You might say we shopped until we dropped. We made up for lost time.

We love you Dar :)

11:13 AM  
Blogger Sandy said...

That was such a wonderful post to read. Thanks Darlene for letting us share in your father's personal space and tributes and memories...sandy

I feel the same way about my dad....what a man he was!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Beautiful Darlene: What a tender and special post. What a glimpse into your dad.
You always say things just right, they reach down to the very bottom of our hearts, and pause there!

10:08 PM  
Blogger PixieDust said...

We must be on the same emotional wave-length. Last Sunday I did a tribute post to my papa, too!
There's nobody like them, no?

10:34 PM  
Blogger amy said...

How lovely. It warmed my heart to read it.

8:27 AM  

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