Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ugh ~ Sicky

Don't take my picture!

^ click for a larger view ^

The view from my bed *sigh*

I love the Red Train! I'll get it yet :)

They consider this an ocean view? Don't blink ;-)

My Television Preference
The Aquarium channel...w/sound

Happy Fish!

Momma's puppy ^..^ Ellie


Anonymous Dreamer Girl said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Sending you lots of love, hugs and healthy vibes.

Ellie is just to cute :)

Loving you,

XxX Sil

11:56 PM  
Anonymous suzie q said...

Stop being poorly this minute!! *smile* Do hurry up and feel better sweetheart, and go & get that train and explore! Thanks for sharing your surroundings, and your baby, Ellie. Awwww....
Hugs & Lots of Love,
Suze xXx

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Jodes said...

I do hope you are better soon and can continue to enjoy your vacation (You're certainly looking gorgeous and happy in your day 2 photo)
I don't know who decided to place that building in front of your ocean veiw, but they should be fired!!! :-)

4:59 AM  
Blogger Shaz said...

I spoke to soon. Prayers for a Healthy holiday headed to YOU right
now. xxxx

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Sorry I missed yesterday, very busy. I know, excuses, excuses; but we are having house guests this weekend and are very excited.

The view from your window is spectacular, and the sound of the ocean surf is so, so soothing.


Sending you more healing love, get better soon.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Cindie said...

I hope that today will be a better day and that you will be up and out of bed. My thoughts and prayers will be with you today.

The photos as always are wonderful. I used to shoot small weddings and love Photography. It is so much fun to capture the moments in time and show the beauty of God's world at the same time.

Your puppy is sweet :)

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Teresa Sheeley said...

I hope you feel better!! Hey, I don't think that view is too bad. San Diego looks like a beautiful place to be, maybe someday I will get there. I love Ellie!!!! ;0

She could be the girlfriend to my Paco ~ he is a deer chihuahua~ hehe!!

Sending you my love ~ and xxx ~ and ooo!!


7:19 AM  
Blogger angela said...

So sorry to hear you're not well.
Do pamper yourself so you'll be out there enjoying life again.
Fabulous your view.

7:22 AM  
Blogger wish studio said...

hello sweet lady...well wishes from a long-ago blog friend (it's been too long!) hope you are on your feet soon! so happy to see the progress mark has made...a miracle that is. i am wearing the necklace you made me today, and feel your strength and love. love to you :) xo, mindy

7:31 AM  
Anonymous ceanandjen said...

:-(...oh honey, I am so sorry to hear that you are in bed with a flare; this is soooo not how you are supposed to spend your time in SD. I hope that you are feeling better sooner than soon so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip.


9:27 AM  
Blogger Star said...

Drat! I'm sorry you're not able to enjoy being out and about today. Hopefully your rest will reward you with a lovely evening and a better day tomorrow.

Sending healing hugs...


(and a special, calming hug for Ellie)

9:43 AM  
Blogger daisies said...

hope you feel better soon my dear ...

sending you all sorts of healthy care, xox

11:37 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Oh my sweet Darlene: Your life is such a roller coaster...and not a fun one either. But you make the best of every situation your in...sick and yet we get fabulous pictures from your window...God bless are His dear child, and I praying the roller coaster slows down today...If it stops, get off!
Love you always and forever
Wanda Mom

12:33 PM  
Blogger LEstes65 said...

Oh feel better. What a luxurious sick bed, though! And room service when you're not feeling well - I wish I had that when I was sick at home!

Love the ocean view. Cracks me up. Reminds me of all the "water front properties" they sell around here because of a teeny tiny pond in the back yard! HA!

12:49 PM  
Blogger BJ said...

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling up to par. And hoping that tomorrow finds you up and about!
The pics you shot are really very nice. Sick or not, you take great photos.
Feel better soon. Big hugs being sent to you.

2:37 PM  
Blogger turquoise cro said...

Give little puppy a big hug for me when you get home and hopefully, you'll be riding that red train tomorrow!!! xoCinda

8:57 PM  
Blogger Deb R said...

Feel better soon!!!!

PS....Love the red shoe pic from a couple of posts ago. (Haven't been online much this week so I'm trying to catch up!)

9:38 PM  
Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, no, Darlene! Must be that darn airplane! No frind of mine, either! Hope you can enjoy your trip despite the setbacks...
sending you a big {{{Darlene}}}

8:31 AM  
Blogger turquoise cro said...

Came back today just to seeeeeeeee Ellie's pic! I am allergic and would love to have a puppy!!! Look at those sweet tender eyes! Animals are angels on Earth!!! HOPE YOU are feeling better Darlene! Happy Week-end!!! LOVE and prayers, xoCinda

8:41 AM  
Blogger Kim G. said...

I'll be sending up prayers for a speedy recovery so you can enjoy the rest of your time! Your pictures are wonderful!

9:48 AM  
Blogger Mary Timme said...

Rats! I hate that you are not doing well today! Bummer! I know, ocean view is relative I guess. Happy fish made me smile and so did Ellie!

3:06 PM  

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