Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's Holding You Up?

If you're wondering what this is, well, it's a bed riser. These happen to be 8 inches high, just about the right height that the doctors told us Mark would need to
get in and out of bed with his healing back. We are running around buying what looks like obstacle course items for the shower, toilet, bedside and any form of back bracing pillows. Why the rush? The doctors are discharging Mark today!!!!!

He will be home by the afternoon and I am both thrilled and apprehensive. But let me say this....He is our miracle. Not just mine and my husbands, but yours too. We did this together. I have no doubt in my mind about that. I needed you in such a way like I have never needed people before. I again Thank you for helping me get through this crisis.

Having him home will be wonderful and very scary at the same time. He has lost a total of 35 pounds and saw himself in the mirror today. He was upset that the image looking back at him did not even resemble himself. His intestines, stomach, foot and back need special care and I am going to do my best to take care of him. But the thing I can't wait to do, is to hold him in my arms and tell him how very grateful I am to God that he is here and a testimony of great inner strength.

Mark, you are my hero! Welcome Home My First Born Child!


Blogger Angela Marie said...

Oh Darlene! I am so glad he will be home. He is on the road to recovery..

12:43 AM  
Anonymous suzie q said...

Oh My, Darlene! Your boy's coming home!!! Yay! :D
This is such wonderful news, sweetheart. I came to tell you how much I love your jewelry, and found this post! My heart is racing and I am so excited for you. Oh, the hugs I'm sending! :D
Much Love to you all,
Suze xXx

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Lady Painter said...

Oh, I am so happy for you all. This is the best new of 2007 until today.
Welcome home, Mark !

1:03 AM  
Blogger luzie said...

I'm having the biggest smile on my face now.. he's coming home!! That's wonderful news, Darlene, what a Happy Friday. Lots and lots of hugs, luzie xo

1:14 AM  
Blogger Julie H said...

Oh My! That seems so soon to have him home. What a challenge you will all have now. Sending healing strength for both Darlene and Mark. Big hugs to J too.

This is such a huge step. I am so happy for you all.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Sophie said...

First of all... Welcome home Mark!

Darlene, I´m so glad that he is coming home!! I´m really happy for you all, and typing this message with a huge smile on my face and a warmed heart.

I remember reading some time ago that the docters didn´t think he would be home in 6 to 8 weeks, am I right? Well, he proved them wrong, ha! ;)

Enjoy being together again!!

Sending lots of hugs,


1:34 AM  
Blogger LisaOceandreamer said...

OMG - he's coming home already? This is truly remarkable. I can imagine how this next part is going to be a challenge but just having him home I know will be a blessing. Are you going to have access to any kind of in home health care? Like nurses coming once in a while to check wounds etc? WOW, this is just a miracle indeed. I send you many hugs and much love. I truly am happy for him and your whole family and hope for this next leg of the journey to be a smooth one.

1:54 AM  
Blogger Shaz said...

I am spilling tears of joy with a smile that would make the Cheshire cat envious. Welcome our blessed boy you truly are proof that miracles happen and you truly are our Hero, Danicka will be so pleased I must ring her right now. Take care and please give him a kiss on each cheek one from me and one from Dana.
Many prayers of joy and continued progression. xxxx

2:01 AM  
Blogger poet said...

i have been sending prayers, hugs and all manner of warm fuzzies to you and your family since you first brought mark's journey to light. i am so happy that he is recovering. your story has touched my life in ways i never dreamed. i know this young man, mark.....take care and hugs.....poet.

2:18 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

wow! that's such good news. i know there will be new challenges in this next phase of Mark's recovery but being home surrounded by family, natural light and all those good things that don't find their way into hospitals (like puppy dogs) will be good medicine.

i'm so pleased for you all.

take care,


2:18 AM  
Blogger Linda said...


....and now for the tricky bit!

2:24 AM  
Blogger Dotee said...

Oh Darlene, I can't believe Mark is coming home today! This is wonderful news. I can understand your apprehension but know he will flourish in your tender care.

No more having to go to the hospital every day too.

So very , very, happy.

I do believe that the power of prayer has played a part in his healing.

Much love

Dotee xoxo

2:37 AM  
Blogger Triller said...

Oh happy day for you all!
I know Mark still has a long road ahead of him before he is well again. but he'll be HOME!!!
*Gentle hugs*

2:51 AM  
Blogger Cape Cod Kitty said...

Tears of joy fill my eyes right now for you and Mark. What an amazing journey you have been on, now you are turning a corner with an entirely new view. I am sure the relief you will feel to have Mark home will give you the energy to face all the work that lies ahead. You can do it! Just be sure to take time each day just for you, and some for you and J, and I am certain that the same love which has guided you this far, will bring you all down the home stretch to a full recovery for Mark and all of you.
Fantastic news!
The candle remains lit, peace, energy and clarity are coming your way....WELCOME HOME, MARK!!
Cape Cod Kitty

2:51 AM  
Blogger Fern said...

WOW!!!! That is wonderful news. It seems soon from all we have heard. But this is great!! WELCOME HOME MARK!!! GO MARK!! THREE CHEERS FOR MARK ......AND GOD TOO.

3:31 AM  
Blogger Toni said...

Oh Darlene, that's so wonderful...

Big Hugs,

Love Toni

3:37 AM  
Blogger swirlyange said...

I'm so happy for you all Darlene....what an important next step in his recovery! I really feel that being surrounded by his loving family at home is going to be so great for you all. You're doing to do great, you're amazing.
Ange xo

3:49 AM  
Blogger Jack K. said...

Let me shout this over cyberspace--


We are all pulling for you. You may look like the wreck of the Hesperus(sp?), but you know what you want to look like. So with that magnificent model to shoot for, how can things go anyway but right. Notice, I did not say particularly easy. But learning to know you through your loving mother, I can only surmise that you will figure out a way to make it easy. Go man, go.

Darlene, remember to take care of the nursing staff too.

We love you all and send lots more positive energy your way.

4:05 AM  
Blogger Karen Travels said...

Welcome home, Mark!!


4:06 AM  
Blogger Constance said...

Congratulations to ALL of you! It seems like such a dramatic change from one week to the next doesn't it?

One day at a time, one hour at a time if need be. Look to our Heavenly Father, the source of our strength and He will see you through!

4:08 AM  
Blogger magicaldamselfly said...

Welcome home Mark!
I will keep praying for strength and healing for you both.
Darlene please now that this is your sanctuary, your place to come to gain strength and to leave whatever you need to leave and we will be here to absorb it. I've been through almost this identical thing only with my baby brother and so I know what is ahead and I'm willing to be here and to listen, absorb, pray or whatever else you need because in the end the reward is so very wonder*filled. Mark is a strong young man and he will make it back to his old self.
I would ask one thing of you Darlene, your promise to take at lease a couple hours now and again to pamper YOU. You deserve it, you need it.
Love on him like never before.

Many hugs to you dear one,

ps. I will leave a post on my blog this weekend for you Darlene. One that will celebrate my brother and Mark at the same time.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Today!!!! Deep breaths. Welcome home Mark and please continue to heal.

Darlene, take it one step at a time and don't rush things.

You can do this. ((((hugs))

4:14 AM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Ooops! Sorry, that was my jaw hitting the keyboard..!
What great, but scary news.
Like coming home with your first baby, and hoping you will know what to do..!
This is the best news I will get today..possibly this month.
Congratulations to you all on your strength and determination.
Mark will do better at home.. I know it.
And as my doctor told me when I brought my new born home (many
years ago)
"Don't worry, they tell you what they want..."

5:00 AM  
Blogger britt said...

oh darlene this is wonderful. you must be thrilled. i am thrilled. we are all thrilled! thank GOD!

5:21 AM  
Blogger Becca said...

Amazing and wonderful! Who would ever have believed he would be able to come home so soon!

My prayers are now of gratitude for this blessing, as well as for continued strength for him and your family, as he recuperates in your loving care.

5:21 AM  
Blogger Gracey said...

Welcome Home, Mark! We are so happy to finally see you arrive to this moment. It's still going to be a long road ahead for you, but you've made it this far, so keep being strong and trusting in God. Don't forget what a miracle you are!

5:24 AM  
Blogger brittany said...

Holy crap! I can't believe it! That's great! I remember after the birth of my first child, I couldn't believe it when they sent me home. I was thinking, but I don't know how to do this...and they're just letting me walk out of here with her? Somehow it works.

I will be thinking about you guys today. Wishing you well on the beginning of a new adventure.


5:45 AM  
Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

Darlene - this is wonderful news. Mark's journey has brought so many people to your and his side. I am so happy for you. My Mom suffered a stroke on Saturday the 13th and this journey is just beginning for us. I continue my prayers for your family and celebrate with you. Every small step is a powerful journey.

5:48 AM  
Blogger Jerri said...

Happy, happy. Joy, joy!

Oh Happy Day and Glory Hallelujah!

Welcome home, Mark!!!!!!

Congratulations and blessings to you and J, Darlene. Your love and faithfulness and the way your raised this remarkable young man have created strength beyond understanding, both physical and spiritual.

As I'm sure you know, Darlene, this will be a marathon and you'll need to shepherd your strength as well as Mark's.

I sit here at the moment with nothing but gratitude in my heart. Pure gratitude for a living miracle.


5:53 AM  
Blogger Jone said...

How exciting!! Happy thoughts for continued healing.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Teri said...

Oh my goodness!!!! That's so wonderful!! He's come so far, and so have you. Big hugs.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Jone said...

Tried to email about your necklaces and the email was returned. Is it the correct email? Thanks.

6:06 AM  
Blogger Star said...

Woohoo! This is a full three weeks earlier that I had posted on my calendar. As soon as I finish typing this I will move my sticky heart from Feb. 14 to today!

Wishing all of you the strength you will need to continue his recovery at home. You have made my day, Darlene! I can't stop smiling.

Let the miracles roll!

6:42 AM  
Blogger deirdre said...

Wow. I'm amazed they're sending him home so soon. He must be healing so much faster than they thought he would. What kind of at-home support will you have? Will there be a nurse or physical therapist to help start the next phase? Don't be afraid to push for whatever treatments and help Mark needs. And please remember to take care of yourself through this. This is truly a miracle, and I'm so glad to have been part of the ride so far.

7:26 AM  
Blogger daisies said...

:) that is wonderful news, he must be doing so well for them to send him home ... yah for you guys!!

hugs and welcome home!!

7:45 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

What wonderful news. There is nothing better than being at home to heal and it should help you a bit with your needs too.

Of course I will pray harder than ever. Being the caregiver is not an easy task, but you and your family have this huge family to help support you- more than 8 inches! Ha.

God is Great!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

He is my hero too!
I couldn't be happier to hear this fantastic news! If us blogger buddies could all be there right now, we'd be holding a "Welcome Home Mark" banner across the front of your house, cheering him on!
It's not going to be easy, I know. Mark is sure to find it hard to have to ask you all to do so many things for him until he can fend for himself again but his fighting spirit will stand by him!
Sending you all strength and happiness.
Good luck

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is WONDERFUL news Darlene! I'm SO HAPPY for All of you!
I'm Smiling HUGE over here!
God is So GOOD!!!!


8:22 AM  
Blogger Snog Dot said...

Wonderful News.
Welcome home, Mark.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news, Mark is strong and independent. He will heal quickly with all of us helping. I hope you are able to get some help with the mundune chores. I worry about your health also.
Just to know that Mark is under the same roof you are. Where you can overload him with love, I think he will heal so much faster. This is fantastic news...because of you and everyone else's thoughts and prayers a miracle has really happened.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Trish Ryan said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Omigosh, this is such a miracle! I know that two months ago you never dreamed you'd start 2007 setting up an obstacle course in your house, but this is the start of something great for your family.

I'm praying for God to fill your house with his Holy Spirit, and all the goodies that come with that: peace, love, joy, patience, kindness, generousity, faithfulness, self-control, and gentleness. Bless you to receive them from God, rather than try and conjure them up on your own. May this time with your awesome son exceed your expectations and bless you!!!
Welcome Home Mark!!!
Much love (and shared excitement),

8:35 AM  
Blogger turquoise cro said...

OMG! I can't believe this! I was hoping they wouldn't rush Mark out of the hospital! It seems like too soon to me! He just started eating! It is a Great day to have him home(a miracle) but they should have been telling you more what time line so you wouldn't have to be hurrying getting all these do-hickeys at the same time he is discharged! You are going to be worn out the first day! O Darlene! Such a happy day mingled with such responsibility! and YOU with Lupus, I HOPE you are having a nurse come in to help, such a whirlwind of excitement! We are certainly still going to be here praying more than ever now, with just YOU and Jay being the caregivers. You'll have to sleep when he sleeps, oh, my mind is racing, I don't know what to say, just that I am in your corner STRONG!Hoping for YOU lots of help, Many prayers and much LOVE, xo, Cinda*** Home Sweet Home***(((((Mark, Darlene, Jay, Angela)))))

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow Darlene. I was so surprised to read he is coming home and

I'm sure you will be so busy and at times worried and wondering if you are doing everything right but that would be normal. This is such exciting news and I'm so glad Mark will be home to recuperate the rest of the way. Way to go Mark!!!

I'm so e xcited, as if he was my son...I feel like I need to go clean the house, haha...yeah!!!


8:52 AM  
Blogger Bird said...

been catching up on your posts.

i am glad your boy is home.

i am angry that this is the story you are livng.

i am grateful and angry at the same time that i told my daughter (age 20) - "there's this young man named Mark - here's his mother's blog- read this. Please, please, please be careful."

i am angry that even though your son was careful and my daughter is careful - it may be totally irrelevant.

i am grateful for your blog.
and angry that you've had to go through this.

i am grateful you can let go of your anger, and just for today, grateful too that i can pick it up.

maybe that's where anger goes when you let it go - to other folks who can, for a brief moment, be angry too.

take care of yourself. your son is wise. you need to care of you so you can care for him.

love to you and yours.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous ceanandjen said...

HURRAH!!!!! HURRAH!!!!! I know that this next step will not be easy, but how absolutely wonderful is it that he is being discharged???? Oh, this make my heart do a happy dance Dar!!!

Just take this one day at a time (or 1/2 day at a time!). You are strong and so full of love. Mark has come so very far and he will continue to heal.

Sending big congratulations and love!


9:00 AM  
Blogger nicole said...

he is totally a hero! as are you! all will be well - just take it one day at a time, and keep up your positive spirits. you are an inspiration.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous meg said...

Oh my goodness!! That is just fantastic; a HUGE step in the right direction, no? As fantastic (fantastic!) as this is, we know there will be challenges ahead so just know that I'll still be praying. God is so faithful -- it's so exciting to see that miracles still occur in these modern times. :0) Take care!

9:18 AM  
Blogger Jemima said...

But But But

surely only five minutes ago you weren't allowed to touch him, this all seems so sudden.

Best of luck and don't forget to savour every moment, however difficult :-)

9:29 AM  
Blogger Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

AMAZING! Wow, Darlene, I'm so glad your lovely boy is coming home.

I can understand you joy and your apprehension ... but I don't think the doctors or the Universe would send him back home if all of you weren't ready to handle it.

I read a wonderful quote on Bee's site this morning that I want to share with you:

the power that made the body can heal the body

Much love, peace and continued healing to all of you. Deb

9:34 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

Brilliant news Darlene. Well done Mark. I'm so pleased for you all!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Lunarmusings said...

Wow! The first thing out of my mouth when I read your post was "WHAT?" Is it true??? I can only imagine how thrilled you must be!

Welcome Home Mark!!!!

I am so happy that your recovery is doing so well. We are all praying speedy healing for you!

9:47 AM  
Blogger hepmomto3 said...

I have goosebumps all over my entire body! This was the best news I could have heard!!!! I am so excited for you all. With a huge smile on my face and tears of happiness in my eyes, I send you all XXOO

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, your boy is coming home. Big hugs and lots of prayers for your family. It's a long road ahead of you, but with your love and faith you'll both make it just fine.

Blessings to your family and a hug for Mark.

9:59 AM  
Blogger gena said...

This is the best news! I am sure Mark will recover in leaps and bounds now that he is home with his family!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Deb R said...

OMG! Even as long as Mark has been in the hospital, I really didn't expect to read that they were discharging him for at least another week or two! I know it'll be a long road, but I bet he'll heal so much faster at home and at least you and J won't have those trips to the hospital draining your energy. Sending much love and many good thoughts your way~~~~~~

10:02 AM  
Blogger pepektheassassin said...

They say home is where the heart is. WELCOME HOME, Mark!

(I have a son named Marc, about your I've been keeping track of YOU.) Glad you are mending so well!

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Kim in IN said...

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face,holding on to my dear 26 yr. old daughter,weeping tears of joy. She is comforting me saying,"mama,you really care about him don't you?"
Yes,indeed I do.
Your coming home dear Mark,take one day at a time,one step at a time......
in love,

10:41 AM  
Blogger paris parfait said...

What wonderful news! No doubt he'll feel worlds better just being at home, surrounded by those who love him.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Diane Duda said...

I'll be doing this, :) , all day because of this wonderful news!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've never met - but somehow I feel that I've known you forever through your story and Mark's story. I am so happy for you and your family that Mark is coming home. Please keep us updated as much as possible, you and your family have become part of my daily ritual of checking in on people I care about.
Take care - have faith.
someone who cares

11:03 AM  
Blogger Pink Granite said...

WOW! Darlene, I am truly amazed Mark is on his way home to you and J! It is a wonderful achievement! I had assumed it would be longer, and most likely include a stay at a rehab facility, then home! What a fabulous surprise!

I echo the advice I've read in the previous comments about the need for outside help (P.T., Wound Care Specialists, VNA...). As well as the need for you and J to pace yourselves and be good to each other and yourselves.

Holding you all in our thoughts, and wishing you all healing, balance, peace and joy!
- Lee

11:22 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Oh, I am so pleased he is doing well enough to come home! Best wishes for his recovery!

11:27 AM  
Blogger martha said...

I am happy for you and so glad he will be coming home. What a scary relief that must be. Being home will speed his healing and yours.

11:38 AM  
Blogger me-nikk said...

WOW! Time flies when you're having fun, eh? Mild joke.

Darlene, I know that you can do this. You have just the right amount of love in your heart for this child of yours AND the right amount of strength. This right amount is exactly an abundance!

I know that you don't "know" each other, but still... I LOVE YOU and am VERY, VERY proud of you both!!!

You are BOTH my hero's!

Darlene, you should write a book about this and tell the world that IT IS A GOOD PLACE, and people LOVE and are supportive! You should share this with the world! ...Maybe when t's all said and done. Thank about it... I'd buy it!

11:47 AM  
Blogger Susannah said...

oh Darlene - that's amazing news - and so fast! Mark truly is a superhero :-) he's now a step closer to resuming his life... and that makes me heart jump for him xxoo

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Loretta said...

OM! I'm crying for all of you. Happy, happy homecoming for all of you. May you never leave each other under such awful circumstances again!

What better to heal a mending body than the warm and capable hands of your momma??

12:33 PM  
Blogger Georgia said...

Oh!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!! This is the greatest news!

I am sooooooooo happy right now, excuse me for a second while I dance... Ok, back. :)



12:37 PM  
Blogger Shari said...

What wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your family!

I am sure you will fall into a routine with all of Mark's needs. Mark knows you are only human.

I am just thrilled. I remember the day my ex-mother-in-law and I came in to visit my baby who was in the hospital for nine weeks. (She was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia.) She was talking to the nurse and the nurse was talking about my daughter being moved.

My ex-MIL says, "Is she being moved to another room?"

The nurse replied, "No, she is being discharged."

We immediately went back to her place (it was closer to the Milwaukee Children's Hospital and we were staying with her). We got some clothes for her, a baby snowsuit, blanklets, and the car seat. We went back to the hospital and took her home. That was one of the best days of my life!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news! God has performed a miracle in your lives and I am overjoyed for you. Continue to keep us updated!

- Lea

1:05 PM  
Blogger Arty Lady's blog said...

WooHoooooooooo Darlene, your baby is coming home! How exciting for you. Now your challenge begins but you've looked after him before when he was little, you'll do a wonderful job again.

Whilst I don't comment every day on your blog, I do read it.

Welcome Home Mark, and love to you both.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Nic Bridges said...

When I read your post, I let out a big "Whoohoo - Mark's coming home" which made my husband and son look at me like I'd lost my mind. Perfect opportunity to share Mark's story with my 15yo boy - thank you for giving me the chance to have this talk with him, about how he puts his life in the hands of whoever is driving, how he must be careful.

I am so thrilled for you all that Mark has come so far. There is still a long, long road ahead, but you've made wonderful progress & I know you'll make it. Hooray for Mark!!!! He's a champion!!!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Marsha said...

Absolutely awesome news - in the words of Dorothy...."there's no place like home" for rest, healing and being enveloped in love.

2:12 PM  
Blogger liz elayne said...

so glad to hear this good news!!!

2:33 PM  
Blogger CT said...

What wonderful news! X

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Casey said...

Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!
Praise Jesus!

3:53 PM  
Blogger BJ said...

Welcome home Mark! So happy that you can do your healing at the most comfy place to be. Stay strong and believe. You will get there! Big hugs to all of you. God bless.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Oh my gosh! I am so happy for you and your family. Poor guy, he will gain the wt back.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...


4:30 PM  
Blogger Angela said...


It is wonderful news to hear that Mark is coming home. Wishing you continued strength and peace on this branch of your journey that lays ahead for you all. May you feel the love and support you need.....may you take time to care for yourself as you care for each other.....and may you all find healing. Wishing you many blessings as you continue to treasure each moment as the gift it is...... I will continue to hold your family in my thoughts, heart and prayers.
With love,

4:38 PM  
Blogger k said...

Sweet, amazing, awesome, fabulous, crazy, scary, miracle! this is great news darlene, for mark and for your entire family. i am so happy for him to return home...this is truly a new beginning :))
as an occupational therapist i have lots of questions about who will help with his medical treatments and rehab at home but i'll leave it for now. Pls email me if you have any questions about rehab, equipment etc or if want another, albeit long distance, opinion.
i'm sending lots of loving healing, therapy energy his way.
kristin xo

5:46 PM  
Blogger Frida World said...

That is wonderful news. I have been reading since Boho first alerted us, and I have kept lifting you, Mark and your whole family up in my meditations. Today I wanted to comment again.

This is the beginning of a whole new journey, we won't abandon you to it. We remain here with you all the way.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Brown eyed girl said...

AHHHHH OH MY GOSH!!! I just can't believe it! This is soooo exciting. I can't believe that just a week ago we were still concerned about the fever, etc. now he gets to be home, everyone gets better when they get to be at home surrounded by comforts. And their MOMMY :) ! I've got a package for you and Mark going in the mail tomorrow morning, I'm so happy he will be at home to get it!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Chulita said...

Oh Wow, my heart leaped for joy that he is finally going to be home!! Yet I can almost understand your apprehension. I just knew he would make it through all of this. I don't know why this had to happen to him and your family, but I believe this ordeal has strengthened the already great love and faith you have as a family. I hope Mark will be able to read the many posts from all the people who have prayed so much for him, so he can see what a powerful and beautiful thing unfolded, and is unfolding, as a result of such a tragedy. I hope it will help him heal and I hope he will feel the love that has been surrounding him all this time--along with the great love from his family. God Bless and be with you all as you continue walking down this difficult path with Mark.


7:18 PM  
Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

WOW! I don't know what to say but WOW! How wonderful it will be to have him home! The sooner someone gets out of the hospital the better! This is such great news and I am so happy for all of you! YOU will know exactly what to do for Mark, Darlene- you're his mom!

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Tina said...

Today??? Wow! That is so wonderful! And if I were you I'd be both overjoyed and terrified. You will all do fabulously I'm sure. It's so thrilling that he's on his way.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just hoping the first day home went well. I'm sure you are all exhausted, just thinking of you tonight...


8:58 PM  
Blogger Alexandra G said...

Darlene! Wow! Welcome home Mark- I hope you get to read this! We've all been praying for you, for your whole family, and marveling at what you have accomplished, from right after the accident and calling for help to getting through these past weeks. You are a real hero and while I know you have plenty of healing to do, you obviously are well on your way. Blessings and hugs and love to all of you Darlene!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Josie said...

Thats wonderful news!

9:40 PM  
Anonymous CLaire NZ said...

What great news. I hope the hospital is providing you with all the medical and nursing support you and Mark will need. Please don't be shy in asking them for all the help you need. All the best with the transition from hospital to home.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

looking forward to being with him soon.

he is my hero.

love you all.

9:52 PM  
Blogger East of Oregon said...

How exciting - please update us on the homecoming :)

10:13 PM  
Blogger ~Bek~ said...

I am so EXCITED... this is wonderful news Darlene.

I love you.
Give Mark cuddles.

WHOOOOhooooo your baby boy is home.


11:29 PM  
Blogger judie said...

So glad your Mark is going home. That's the best news I have read in awhile. You are such a good mom, and he knows that. Hugs to you Darlene.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Teresa Sheeley said...

Welcome Home Mark!! I know you will heal quicker now that you are home~it will make a big difference.

Hi Darlene!
I am in love with 2 more necklaces, "Stonehenge", and another one that is no longer on your blog, pooh!!


12:14 AM  
Anonymous return of the little nobody said...

I'm so glad for you... I know it's been one f00fer of an ordeal. May all go even better than could be expected.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Dee said...

Mark, Darlene and family, I share your joy in this excellent new. That is a simple statement but I literally feel happy inside because of your news today! Thank God that Mark has progressed so far that he can be released from hospital. May each day bring a new victory, renewed strength, and progress on the road to recovery.

May God bless you all!


6:55 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Welcome Home Mark!

9:09 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so happy that your baby boy is home! I did expect him to be home so quickly because of his injuries. WOW!

God bless you all, love!
-kiss, kiss-

9:29 AM  
Blogger LDahl said...


9:33 AM  
Blogger Suzy said...

Mark is my hero too.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Kim G. said...

What a miracle! Truly! A few weeks ago Mark's future was so uncertain and now he is coming home! Yes the road still has miles of hills and craggy points to travel, but you will all walk the road together and have the peace of your home to rest in along the way! I will say a prayer of thanks today for this good news. Take care of yourself.
{{{ you all }}}

10:04 AM  
Anonymous kristen said...

Hurray!! I'm so glad to read that Mark is home now. I hope you all are doing well. xo

10:08 AM  
Blogger Vesper said...

oooooooo!!!! this is sooooo good to hear! i'm overjoyed for all of you!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

Oh my goodness! What good news! Congrats on this big step of being discharged!

I can't even imagine how relieved both you and Mark will be not to be living in that hospital anymore!

I know that it will probably bring its own unique challenges. But the comforts of home can be so healing!


1:10 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

hope everything is going ok 4 you, i am sure it will not be easy, but thanks be to God that you are all here together.

3:41 PM  
Blogger amy said...

Praise God! This is truly a blessing to hear. It warms my heart.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Robyn said...

Oh Boy, that is amazing news!!!!!!!
Another huge step towards complete recovery. Step by step you are getting there.Wow!

7:41 PM  

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