Friday, August 18, 2006

"To Click or Not to Click"

Today I sat in a waiting room at the Doctor's for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I needed some important blood work done, so I couldn't turn and run when I saw the highlighted warning sign at the check in desk, "At least a 2 hour wait today from this point." Eeeeek! I had no idea it was going to take this long, so I was not prepared. Meaning...I didn't bring a book, magazine or writing paper of any kind. I refuse to touch the available magazines that offices provide. I am convinced they are germ hotels and infested with articles covered in bacteria. Yuck! However, I did have my camera in my purse (?) Could I walk around and click & flash without being conspicuous? At that very moment, the TV was broadcasting current news regarding the war on terror...would I freak people out? Would they think I was a camera clicking terrorist? Boredom rapidly wore out my concerns and I took out my camera. The "Wrrrrrrr" sound was magnified as I turned it on and heads turned to identify the odd interruption. I covered it with my hands and blushed as eyebrows wrinkled at me. I waited a moment starting to chicken out, when....2 seats away this little boy began hacking up his lungs. That's it, bacteria beware, I'm outta here! I popped up from my seat and looked around for inspiring idea's...laboratory hours? (sad) ...sign in here? (boring) ...information desk? (come on...) ...exit sign? (better...'click/flash') ...old woman with a cane? (perfect...'click/flash') ~ "Young lady, did you just take my picture?" (ooops, oh my god!) "Ummmm, that okay?" (idiot...of course it's not okay! Terrorist!) "I can delete it?" *very weak smile* She just shook her head and limped away. Whew! I turned around and this man talking on his cel shockingly gaped at me...I deleted. Oh man...I was destined to marinate in germs. I put the scary, huge, noisy, glowing camera away and sat down, annoyed and feeling like I had no rights in this free country under red alert. Blood drawn, I realized that a stranger with a camera in a public place is a street you cannot travel through. That road is closed, a dead end, dangerous territory and your better off smearing bacteria all over your face and sitting smack down in the very middle of the diseased section of the waiting room. Outside, the fresh air was exhilarating. In the parking lot, I took out my camera and snapped a picture of a fire hydrant, who was glad for the attention. I stuck out my no one imparticular... (oh god, there's the old woman!) raised my eyes and marched over to my car. Driving out of the parking lot, my car turned in the direction of this sign, "NOT A THROUGH STREET." (No kidding) I pulled over, leaned out of my car window and 'clicked.' Out loud I said, "AND I'M NOT A TERRORIST!"


Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

Click, CLICK! I wish I could click a pic of YOU!!! YOU better email me soon, my email is on the CroStuff Blog!!! I want your address soooooo we can snail mail!!! hehe GET WELL!!! I'm changing kitchen curtains today soooo I've got to run!!! Thinking of YOU darling! I LOVE your "blowing (ME, teehee) a kiss" profile pic with your new "DO" ps. yes, I would be very sad to not seeeeee YOU on my comments too, altho I haven't Blogged today yet!love and prayers xoxoxox

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Teresa said...

What an adventure you had--you make me smile! What a great story.

I do not touch those icky magazines either, yuck!

I would have loved to see the look on the face of the old lady with the cane her face must have been priceless! So sad we live in such a paranoid world now-a-days. People are way too suspicious, even of a beautiful lady with a camera!

You are awesome!

11:57 AM  
Blogger my pink sky said...

so great to catch up with you have a spirit that glows and smiles and shines, and brightens up my day! love the clicking...and that last comment was pricelss - so funny! sending you vibes of peace and wellness...

12:35 PM  
Blogger Susannah said...

Hello beautiful... i love the way you look at life, and i LOVE your new pixie cut - it's suits you so well, and i see your playful side coming out, which i adore in you.... sending you lots of hugs to envelop your delicate body in ((( )))

2:06 AM  
Anonymous poet said...

new here and really enjoy your take on life. a fresh perspective. awesome post. i know what you mean about waiting room mags, and the germs, gross. i usually wear one of those masks and disinfect my hands a million times during the 1hr+ wait in those places. i wonder what is up with people not wanting their picture taken when they are at their worst? lol. enjoy your weekend. poet

4:39 AM  

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