Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Mind Reading Dog

This little cutie is named Ellie. She is my 4 pound Chi and one of the loves of my life. This has been a 'sick' week for me. Lupus has kicked my butt and I've been down for days. My family are dog lovers and I've had more dogs than I can count. Some stayed with us for just a short time and others spent their life span with us. Ellie is mine and mysteriously knows when I'm not feeling well. She gently moves around my body and gives me kisses when I experience waves of overwhelming pain. I don't moan out loud or do anything at all, she just knows. And I smile at her to let her know that Mommy is okay and in the process of being concerned that my pain is somehow affecting her, I alter my outlook about what is going on and get over each hurdle.
I am convinced that Ellie can read my mind. My husband thinks I'm a little coo coo, but I have proof. All I have to do is 'think' about giving Ellie a bath and she disappears. I have to go throughout the house, bending down on my knees, looking under beds and into every possible small space she may fit into. Just like she did on this day. All I have to do is 'think' about going on an errand and Ellie is running around in circles and whining her, "please take me too ^..^" cry.
I have seen specials on TV about cancer sniffing dogs, or epileptic seizure sensing dogs and I believe that this is a 'gift' that some dogs are given. After all, we are all animals and some humans have gifts that others don't, right? So why not a pain sensing gift given to a 4 pound puppy. Ellie picked me out of a litter of Chi's that I was contemplating. Actually, I had my eye on a different puppy and Ellie was considered the 'ugly' runt of the bunch. She walked over to me and sat at my side, while all the others were busy getting into trouble. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes that said, "Hi, lets go home now." When I chose her, the breeder laughed and was shocked. They even gave me a discount, feeling sorry that I had picked the homely one.
Ellie is my saving grace. I spend long hours without human contact and I could easily get lonely, but she is my constant companion. She understands what I'm going through and I wish she could read this post and know just how very much I love and appreciate her. But it's good enough that you know and can see this little angel that is a gift, my courageous warrior, clothed in a little 4 pound Chi's body.
I love you, Ellie ^..^


Anonymous your little one said...

ahhhh...we love our puppy!!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

Your lil angel Ellie, why I can't imagine her ever being ugly! She is sooooo Beauty full! I wish sometimes I could get a lil doggie! I grew up with them and I had a FAV! They are soooo sweet and I'm sooooo Glad you have her D! xoxoxxo ((((Ellie& D))))

2:21 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

I saw a post recently about how we all emit odors (pheremones?) when we are feeling down, and that some animals are pretty good at picking up on this. Stories like yours make that quite believable. Hope you're feeling better soon.

"To Love, Honor and Dismay"

4:12 PM  
Blogger Colorsonmymind said...

What a sweet post and cutie pie.

I am so glad you have her


4:33 PM  
Anonymous Teresa said...

What a sweet baby you have. I think our pets are totally in-sync with what is going on with us. When I pick up my shorts for exercise in the morning, my doggies know it's time for a bike ride or walk. We now have to abbreviate the word "walk" with just saying "w" so they don't get so excited. But I think they have caught on to that too.

I am very happy that you have a little baby to comfort you in your times of pain and loneliness. They are very healing creatures.

My dear new friend I send you my hugs, kisses and much love today.



6:05 PM  

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