Friday, July 28, 2006

"Music from the Bloom Box"

Sometimes a few of us feel at least a little bit special. Some feel that we learn, change and grow everyday. Most of us have some kind of hope for our futures and would like to think that our later years will be filled with wisdom. But, let's get back to today and how you feel right now about yourself......Are you intriguing? Do you feel compelling? How about forceful or exotic?

My goal today is to explore the meanings behind these 4 words. I chose them randomly because they are words that I like to let roll off my tongue and I find them mysterious and want them to become a part of me...........lets dig deeper, word by word.....

intriguing~ absorbing~fascinating~engaging~captivating~compelling~interesting


forceful~strong~vigorous~powerful~impressive~efficient~mighty~dynamic~potent ~energetic~emphatic~intense~robust


As I typed each word I thought, "I want to be that! And that one too!" Each new description, though a part of another word, was still a special word all of it's own. Are you one of these, or all of them? Do you relate more to just part of the definition and not the word as a whole? For instance, some of us may feel strong, but not impressive. We may feel peculiar, but not marvelous. But....lets pretend that we must accept every part of the word and it's definition. If you are interesting, then you are captivating also. If you are sound, then you are also powerful.

Imagine yourself as ALL of these now!

When I read these words, I think of many of you. I think of your shared stories and the brave souls that are bared on a daily basis. I think of the expressed pain and your scared toes that test the waters and then dive in.

These words are you.....Say what you are out loud...."I am fascinating....."

Bloom today. Take off the lid and sing to yourself about you and how truly intriguing, compelling, forceful and exotic you really are, and use the entire definition.

You deserve it
You deserve to Bloom
Then tell me how this felt, if you wish to. :)


Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

Hey Darlene! I like all your words but like YOU, I like to let the word EXOTIC roll off my tougue! Yes, I am different, and peculiar, strange sometimes, colorful already I hope but always room for improvement!!! I LOVE the unfamiliar, discovering new places to visit, just wish I had more $$$$$ to do it!!! I'll have to work on fascinating but I am just glad to still BE ALIVE soooo maybe that is fascinating enough!!! lol I'm not marvelous but I'll work on it! HOPE you have a SWEET week-end darling Darlene!!! You know I love you!!! xoxoooxooxxo Let's be EXOTIC!!! this week-end! Yeah baby, BEHAVE!!! lol

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Teresa said...

Ohhh, this is exactly what I was feeling when I got home from vacation. I want to be all of those "words" you mentioned. I want to bloom---and I am so excited to start. I feel like I have found the secret path I have been looking for--for some time now, trying to capture something, and it's just as simple as trying to bloom. Thanks for this post, it really helped me and gives me much inspiration.

**On a lighter note, regarding matchmaking... I will pass on my son's email....just in case your daughter might want a new penpal! **grins**.

Thanks again for these encouraging words. Love it!!

Hugs to you...

7:49 PM  
Anonymous angela marie said...

Right now, "I AM" all of this and so much more!

now tomarrow....

thankyou darlene, for your post, I needed this.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Susannah said...

today sweetie you really are inspiring. i love this post... you're a guru :-) it is now nearly midnight, so i will go to sleep thinking of your words and tomorrow i will be my most favourite of the four... i will be intriguing.... x

3:34 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

i will be exotic...

i always felt like we came from exotic people. our ancestors from the Azores were Island people. i think that is why we feel a pull to the ocean.

this was very inspiring.

love you sis.

9:15 AM  
Blogger bb said...

Exotic catches my eye. I'm olive skinned in a family of pale Brits, always felt different somehow. I get the dark skin from my late Dublin Nan, who knows where she got it from ;-)

You are an inspiration Darlene. I feel how you want to nurture everyone to be the best that they can be. Make sure you leave a little nurturing for yourself x x x x x x

10:41 AM  

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