Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Count down to Start up

I borrowed this borrowed meme for a good warm up

10 Favorites

Favorite season~ spring
Favorite color~ green
Favorite time~ very late at night when everyone is sleeping
Favorite food~ cottage cheese with honey and cinn. with walnuts and bananas on top
Favorite drink~ hot tazo chai tea in the morning with evaporated milk (Boho's recipie :)
Favorite ice cream~ jamocha almond fudge
Favorite place~ my studio
Favorite sport~ hands down...Basketball! (seanson ticket holder)
Favorite actor~ Johnny Depp
Favorite actress~ Audrey Hepburn

9 Currents

Current feeling~ tired from yesterdays celebrating
Current drink~ Tazo la la
Current time~ 8:27 am pacific time
Current show on TV~ CNN- I'm curious about the missile
Current mobile used~ verison- big big family plan
Current windows open~ blogger!
Current underwear~ blk jocky (I don't like you picturing me in my underwear...see...stop that!)
Current clothes~ the biggest T-shirt ever....that's all
Curent thought~ my dog is eating like a piggy- sounds included

8 Firsts

First nickname~ lil' stinker (given to me by my Titia)
First kiss~ 7th grade- a boy named Alex- he stuck his tongue in my mouth and I screamed- I thought it was the grosseset thing ever and I would never kiss again....wrong
First crush~ 5th grade- Mike Dewey- he pushed me out of a treehouse....hey! that was true love
First best friend~ 5 years old- Brageta- we ate raw veggies in her back yard garden...she died a year later and I always thought it was those darn veggies
First vehicle I drove~ my Dad's HUGE truck- scared the crap out of me
First job~ tons of babysitting
First date~ 16 yrs old- the original "Superman" movie
First pet~ those goldfish you won at the fair....they ALWAYS died....tramatic

7 Lasts

Last drink~ my yummy tazo chai that I have to re-heat now
Last kiss~ this morning- hubs off to work
Last meal~ last night's BBQ- yum
Last website visited~ my lil sis Boho- she means everything to me
Last movie watched~ "The Wizard of Oz" - on the classic movie channel- I'm an old soul
Last phone call~ first thing this morning...the doctors office saying there was a missed appt....oops!
Last TV Show wathed~ none...summer is channel surfing time

6 Have you evers

Have you ever broken the law~ yes
Have you ever been drunk~ once....that was all it took
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know~ never
Have you ever been close to gun fire~ no
Have you ever skinny dipped~ yes, and my parents caught us...luckily it was just a bunch of girlfriends...this time...whew
Have you ever broken anyones heart~ yes...and I received a few in return...kharma

5 Things

5 things you can hear right now~ clock ticking, dog snoring, refrigerator, birdies, wind chimes
5 things on your bed~ pillow, pillow, pillow, sheet, blanket....hey...I sleep with 5 visions of a Sesame Street scene
5 things you ate today~ I haven't eaten yet
5 things you can't live without~ my family, my dog, music, books & creative thinkng
5 things you do when you get bored~ Starbucks and any book store

4 places you have been today


3 things on your desk right now

Just 3? too confusing to pick

2 Choices

Black or White~ white
Hot or Cold~ hot drinks and cold nights

1 place you want to visit

Europe- to see everything that my daughter did when she schooled there (which would include my lil sis and visiting Susannah!)


Blogger Susannah said...

Oh D, you've done it now... i am preparing the spare room straight after i've typed this :-) having you and your lil sis stay with me would be better than a lifetime of birthdays :-) (we gotta make this happen one day... seriously... Hmmm. i'm gonna come up with a cunning plan)

big kisses to you xx (Depp and Hepburn - excellent choice)

11:27 AM  
Blogger Delaleuverses said...

Beautiful blog, glad I stopped by and I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

It was a pleasure visiting your site, the tea recipe sounds yummy, I may have to try that. Can't wait to see some of your art.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

so fun reading these.

some i knew, some i didn't. love learning new things about you, sis.

i love you.
sweet dreams.
thank you for your love~call today.

all is well...


10:15 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

To begin with, I love that you have a blog! I promise to stop saying that when the "new-ness" wears off!

You make cottage cheese sound really yummy. I'll try it again now. Oh, and my daughter, Morgan, won three of those goldfish at a festival two years ago - we threw them in the pond outside and two of them are still living!

Loved your meme!

9:28 AM  

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